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It is my hope to help demystify the complexities involved in making changes to your environment. To challenge your preconceived associations to color, style, texture, space & to help you seek options that resonate with your personality & visions.

Change is inevitable & constant.

-Tamah Burke





Tamah has been involved in creating beautiful and harmonious spaces for 20 years. Her background is rich in art and design related fields that have influenced her approach to spatial design.

  • Fine Arts Degree, focus in Studio Arts, Photography & Art History
  • Interior & Exterior designer specializing in color theory
  • Clothing designer specializing in clothing design for women and children.
  • Restaurant owner/entrepreneur, conceptualizing, building & running boutique restaurant & bar (Minneapolis., MN)
  • Commercial Photo stylist, Set designer, lighting technician
  • Installation & preservation work, MN Historical Society
  • Historic restoration work in Ireland, UK & US
  • Sculptural fabrication & welding
  • Studied under the meanest German color theory professor to walk the planet
Michelle Smith


Architectural Drafting Professional

Michelle has been working with architects and designers for over 25 years helping to create beautiful spaces for both residential and commercial projects.

  • Fine Arts degree, focused on Interior Design & Drafting
  • Managed high-end floral design store
  • Worked alongside Project Managers in Design & Construction depts. at both UC San Diego and UT Austin
  • Traveled the country with her husband, living in all four corners of the US as well as Texas!