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What our clients are saying

Your color choices were spot on!

We praise you daily. Your color choices were spot on. The outside is light and clean, with an overall feel of a calm “color sanctuary,” as you so aptly named your business. The colors blend really well with the roof, the surroundings, the window and door color, and even with the neighbor’s house, as you look up the driveway from the front of our house. In short, you nailed it.

- Betsy (Bainbridge Island) / Home owner

Colors and finishes that will stand the test of time

Tamah is terrific to work with and she took our project to the next level by choosing colors and finishes that will stand the test of time. The end result was simple, clean and beautiful. She really understood what we hoped to accomplish and balanced the design with the construction budget. We look forward to working with her again on future projects.

-Jon (Bainbridge Island) / Home Owner

A keen eye for detail

Tamah’s passion is clearly color and design. She loves what she does. I’ve appreciated working with her through several color consults, two bathroom remodels and an overview of ideas that would improve both the esthetics, flow and function of my main living area. I love how Tamah meets you where you are in your design goals and timetables. She has a keen eye for detail and a sense of how to make a limited space work. Tamah has worked with local subs, contractors and material resources for a long time and brings that knowledge to guide you through your whole process. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention her good sense of humor and user-friendly consult style.

- Linda (Bainbridge Island) / Home Owner

The most beautiful exterior in the neighborhood

Tamah helped us choose the color palette for the exterior of our 100-year-old craftsman home and the results were amazing. She listened to what colors we liked and put together a palette that was both fresh and historically appropriate. Our house went from the color of dirty snow to the most beautiful exterior in the neighborhood. The perfect shade of orange on accents like our front door made the house pop. No detail was overlooked, including accent colors for window boxes and original windows hidden by storms. She even convinced the painters to paint a bench to accent the new color scheme free of charge! Tamah not only designed the palette but she held our hand through the process, often checking on the painters. The house looked so beautiful that when we put it up for sale the following year, it sold in a day.

-Sascha W. (Seattle) / Home Owner

She saved my aesthetic & professional life

I am a clinical psychologist, and quite bluntly, Tamah saved my aesthetic and professional life. I hired her after my original designer suggested an intense paprika for the interior color of my office. Lively and warm was her comment. I walked in after the painter had applied the first coat and knew that paprika would drive my clients into madness. Luckily, I found Tamah who listened to my desires for the space and feelings that I wanted to create . She assembled a palate of options from which I selected for both the interior and exterior. I love both. My clients also comment often on how much they love the feeling of my office. Tamah selected a calming and warm palate for the interior and a lovely unique set of colors for the exterior. She also has been instrumental in the remodeling and renovation of our home. Following the architect, Tamah has helped design the finishing elements from suggesting some changes in spatial use as well as assisting with the design of the finishing elements from wall colors, lighting, fixtures, tile and even door knobs. She sourced items for us that we were unable to find and that were much more affordable than those suggested by our contractor. She is a great liaison for change and communication with all trades. She has a great command of how things work with regards to building, renovation, design and color.

-Dr. Hanson, (Bainbridge Island) / Business Owner

Easy and Fun

I was updating my rental property on Bainbridge Island this summer. I was repainting the interior and wanted a color that I could use in all the rooms, without it looking like I settled for builder’s white. I consulted with Tamah of Color Sanctuary to help me find the ideal wall color. She came over and walked through the property with me, discussing my preferences, and assessing the flooring options and lighting for the rooms. She guided me to a neutral, warm gray called Mineral and it turned out to be the perfect choice. Tamah made the decision making easy and that part of the remodel fun. I highly recommend her services as she is gifted with light, tone, color & space, and not out to “prove” herself as a “designer”. Her consult saved me hours of agony & likely a poor color choice resulting in an expensive mistake. Don’t call her to fix it, call her to do it right the first time!

-Chris G. (Bainbridge Island) / Home Owner