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Interior Design & Color

Envisioning the space & usage of your home to maximize its potential involves multiple choices. We will help you determine options, costs and realities to transform your environment into the space you want. The bones of any space need a proper foundation in color that integrates with all finishes. We will assist you in establishing scale, colors & textures for everything in your home. From walls, countertops, floors, tile, fixtures, lighting, appliances & furniture. We will help you create the mood, look & feel you desire for your new space. We will be your liaison to put all the pieces together & help you visualize, communicate and implement your project with your contractor or architect.

Exterior Design & Color

When selecting colors & details for the exterior of your home thoughtful choices will make a difference in the feeling & value of your property. The innate character & style of your home or building will dictate elements to highlight or augment. The exposure of light, the gardens, pathways, & fauna all effect the structure & need to be integrated when making decision on the exterior. Whether historically appropriate or traditionally inspired, we will work together to seek a balance that integrates your structure to its environment & as well as your individual personality & vision.

Home Renovation & New Construction Planning

This process requires many elements to align, working with old & new to completion. Designers are instrumental in coordinating this process with your contractor, architect or subs. From the color integration of existing rooms, into transitional rooms or just refreshing a tired room. If you are looking to just mix the dated elements of your home with newer, fresh finishes and furniture we can integrate them. I will help you source fixtures for your remodel or new build, including: tile, appliances, countertops, paint & wall finishes, flooring, plumbing and lighting. From the ground up, I will work with you to conceptualize a plan from a start to finish.

Space Planning & Architectural Drafting

We provide our customers the tools they need to communicate effectively with contractors and those implementing your design choices. We offer implementation ready drawings and renderings.

  • Floor-plans
  • As built drawings
  • Elevations
  • 3D renderings

Landscape Design & Color Consulting

It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts when you are talking about the surroundings around your home or business. “Le bon Dieu est dans le détail”, as the proverb states: “the devil is in the detail”.  With the changing natural light and exposures, we will create a beautiful palette for the entire year, not just summer. The PNW lends itself to such amazing colors & plant species throughout the year & we will utilize them for the vibrancy they offer.  Creating walkways, sitting areas, enclosures & magical spaces for the environment around your home is equally reflective to what’s inside.

Historic Restoration

Depending on the age of your home or style of build, integrating stylistic elements & keeping them true to period is a crafted process. “Classic,” refers to the idea that something “judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind”. I believe firmly in these concepts & want them reflected in your space.  The art of balancing these elements is what defines a cookie cutter space from a custom one. Period restoration requires research, history & training, it’s not off the shelf.  Finding original vintage or unique items is a passion of mine. Sourcing the obscure or well studied reproduction of select periods is a specialization I may offer you and your project.